Friday, September 28, 2012

a two-month update and autumn leaves.

As the leaves are just beginning to change into their beautiful fall colors, we are celebrating our two-month Pittsburgh anniversary.  Can you believe we have been here for two whole months?  I suppose the most socially appropriate answer to that question is, "no way!  are you serious?  has it really been that long?  omg."  But honestly, to me it feels like we have been living here for two months.  Exactly.  Still new, still fresh, yet not lost, not hopeless.  Rather, hopeful.  In a house that just a few weeks ago felt like a vacation rental, I now happily feel at home.  I love my home, I love my neighborhood, and I love my Pittsburgh.  

The kids are all doing quite well too.  They love their schools and have been busy making friends and keeping up with school work.  There have been no tears, only smiles since school started.  Elyssa has made friends in her college classes and ventures out with them outside of class.  McKenna's new friends are literally across the street and just down the street a little ways.  Both of the girls keep in touch with Spokane friends by Skyping regularly.  Jackson keeps up with his old and new friends via online video games.  In Spokane, almost every weekend there was a sleepover happening at home, but we haven't yet reached that level of comfort here in Pittsburgh.  I imagine though, that it won't be long until we fall back into that same fun weekend routine.

As for me, I really haven't been putting myself out there in social situations, so getting to know people has not been happening so much.  I've been quite content to work on the house {all alone}, painting each room while watching Downton Abbey reruns {all alone}.  I don't necessarily feel lonely {I'm actually quite content with the quiet}, but then sometimes I surprise myself by leaving a very longwinded message when returning a call to the school nurse and at those times it's hard not to notice I might be deprived of human interaction.  Have you ever left a message like that?  When you find yourself sharing every small detail and random background information.  And then asking a question?  And then answering it?  And then giving a little guffaw?  And then realizing you're having a conversation with yourself on a stranger's voicemail?  So, I might not feel lonely, but sometimes the symptoms are a little obvious.  Like the one time I took the kids to a movie and said to the ticket guy, "Four tickets for Desperate Me please," when we were seeing Despicable Me.  

*Freudian slippage, dangnam you.

Two months, two things:

  1. When we moved, my priority was my children - seeing them successfully off to school and making friends and making a loving home for them.  So far, so good.  It's the sacrifice a parent makes for her children and I would do the same thing all over again the same exact way, because my kids are happy.  Soon I will be back to school and work and being social.  All in good time.  For now, the support from my husband, my family and far-away-friends, and fellow bloggers keeps me quite content and happy and feeling loved.  So, thank you all!
  2. My husband.  Pure awesomeness.  He's my bff and I love him so much.  In Spokane, I was so busy going to college full time and working part-time, while he traveled for work, so it was hard to find time for just us.  But now, we have been enjoying lunch dates and late evenings together. I'd say we've come out on top of the stresses of moving, even stronger in our marriage.  And he might just be wondering if he read that part right.  :)

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  1. Lovely pictures! I'm alone the majority of the time also so I definitely know what you mean.


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