Thursday, September 13, 2012

a whole lotta lost.

I'm still fresh and new to Pittsburgh, which means I still get very lost all the time, everyday. And I have only seen a fraction of this city {mostly because I am so easily lost}, so having my mom here is giving me the confidence to step out and explore a little.  It's nice to have someone with me, who is just as directionally challenged, because at least we can laugh about it.  And we do.  My mom has never been to Pittsburgh {but why?  hasn't everyone?}, so the very first thing I did was take her to see the amazing dahntahn area, with the giant buildings and gorgeous skyline and glistening rivers and rows of bright yellow bridges.  Now I know it's exciting to drive into any downtown area, in any city, in any state.  It's always pretty awesome to see skyscrapers and ballparks and taxi cabs and pedestrians and shops, etc.  But I have to tell you, there is nothing quite like driving along on a highway, surrounded by hills of trees, zooming along until you reach a sign that warns you of the approaching tunnel in 1 1/2 miles, combatting slowing traffic as all drivers must merge into two lanes, entering the long, dark tunnel, traffic speed picking up again, and it starts to get lighter, and suddenly you're shooting out of the tunnel onto a giant yellow bridge, below you is a giant, sparkling river, and ahead of you - the downtown skyscrapers, Heinz Field, UPMC building, PNC Park, everything!  It's an amazing sight and one I hope I never grow tired of seeing.

Anyway, my mom was impressed.  And I was more impressed that I even found my way around downtown a little bit - a small victory.  We ended up driving toward the Strip District, which is filled with local shops and restaurants and such, and decided to leave the car behind and do some walking.  It's a big tourist draw, but I have to say, on a Tuesday, it didn't have that touristy feel at all.

Fries, Ice Cream, Candy and Fish!  What a combo!

This is where you get your Stiller's stuff on the cheap.

Wait, Misty!  Did that sign say Lobster Mac & Cheese???



Later that evening, the kids walked grandma over to the park, until the bees took over.  

We sure do love having grandma here!

Next up:  A covered bridge post!  A two-day process due to getting lost - but so worth it!

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