Tuesday, September 11, 2012

blah, blab, blah and then SURPRISE!

Saturday was wet and windy, so plans to work in the yard were postponed until Sunday when the sun came back out again.  There have definitely been sudden changes in the air, gone is the sweltering humidity in exchange for crisp, cool air.  It is a welcome change for me.  I notice the little adjustments in the weather/seasons so much more than I did even just a few years ago.  I definitely pay more attention and talk about it often {the kids just love that part}.

Anyway, we did some yard work.  Yada-yada.

And then had grilled cheese.  Blah blah...  I had this whole post planned out with grilled cheese as the whole climatic exciting part.  But....

 Nothing could compare to the surprise I received last night!!  Last night, I was in bed - typing this post - when I got a text message on my phone.  I looked down at it - from Husband - a picture of a person and a light - wait is that my mom? - and our lantern?

I shot out of bed, opened my bedroom window curtains, to see Husband and Mom standing out in the driveway!  He flew her out here as a surprise!  I never had one single clue.  Amazing!  So, as you can imagine, we are going to go out there and explore Pittsburgh and have some fun!  And maybe I can put her to use and get some painting done.  :)

Anyway, the kids and I are just floored!  And Husband has earned many bonus points for this, you can be sure.

Hip hip hooray!!!


  1. While I would have throughly enjoyed a post about grilled cheese, what an awesome surprise!!!! I hope you guys are having fun.

  2. That is amazing! You guys are going to have so much fun :D I can't wait to hear all about it! Have some fun!

  3. It was such a wonderful surprise to have Thomas have me fly out here to surprise Misty , Elyssa, Jackson and McKenna! I am having a great time and laughing a lot! Love them all! And Yes Misty I would love to help you paint!


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