Monday, September 17, 2012

covered bridge festival fun.

Okay, so children might not find driving through a covered bridge to be the most exciting thing in the universe, this is true.  As an adult, I'm not even sure why I find those things fascinating, but I do and I've accepted that I might be getting old and nostalgic.  But, when all of a zillion people show up for a covered bridge festival, I feel like maybe becoming old and nostalgic is actually the cool thing to do.  This festival, in Mingo Creek County Park {near Pittsburgh}, was HUGE with vendors galore and tons of people.  It was a perfect opener to autumn with kettle corn, caramel apples, apple strudel, and funnel cake!

Mom's apple strudel-face!

Funnel cake, anyone?

And what's a festival without a petting zoo?

I'm not a fan a large crowds {and being amid them}, but this was actually a great time and not too terribly packed.  It was amazing to see the turnout {both vendors and people}, as I wasn't expecting such a big deal.  But it turns out the folks of the surrounding Pittsburgh area love themselves a covered bridge and shopping for crafts.  Oh, and what a garage sale heaven, on the drive to the park!  Everyone was out there selling everything today!

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