Saturday, September 22, 2012

fall has arrived. oh happy day!

I've been so looking forward to Autumn and the changing leaves {because Pennsylvania supposedly puts on quite a show for that, I hear}.  My excitement for the new season has resulted in an early start on Fall decor around the house.  But nobody has to know I was getting ready for Halloween in early September.  Now that Fall is actually here, I appear normal.  Appearances are everything, darlings.

So, come on into the house and I'll show you just a few little things I've been adding to give our home a little Autumn flare.  Some of it involves owls in cute, little nests and I know that real-life owls prefer to sleep at night in their hollowed trees and have little desire for birds-work of building nests, but in my house - the owls are in nests.  Hmmmm, maybe I could develop that into children's story.  And do you see that wonderful tree with the long branches full of pumpkins?  A lovely gift from my mom {who is completely encouraging my knick-knacky ways don't you think}.  

Happy Autumn to you and you and YOU too!

DIY Show Off


  1. I LOVE that you already decorated for Halloween/fall! Your owls are cute and I adore that silver pumpkin. Can you come decorate my room?

  2. Well, you're doing good because people in Pittsburgh love Halloween; there's a lady down the street from me who decorates her VAN for Halloween (think little hanging skulls and spiders swinging around inside as she drives by). In my neighborhood, everyone is outside for trick or treating, and it's really fun, so I hope your neighborhood is the same. I'm also from WA (western)-welcome to Pittsburgh, it's a fun place to explore, no? (I think I found your blog on Like Mother Like Daughter...right?)-Elissa


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