Friday, September 7, 2012

friday foto dump.

I know, I know.  I did an Instagram photo dump yesterday.  How many pictures does this girl take?  Geez.  But that was an entire summer dumpage of photographs.  These shots are just from this week {and this week only}.  So take a chill pill.  :)

  1. way too much of my famous pasta salad.
  2. the kids are home!
  3. fudge.
  4. even mmmmmm-er...banana split with hot fudge. 

  1. my beautiful girls being tourists...
  2. on the duck-mobile in Pittsburgh.
  3. catching drips.
  4. self-photoing.

  1. delicious mexican.
  2. chips and salsa - to die for.
  3. enchilada heaven.
  4. diet coke is the best ever.

  1. self-photo.
  2. lounging on the deck with a cat.
  3. toenails matching lawn chairs.
  4. his majesty arrives safely from the family room.

  1.  teriyaki chicken marinading.
  2. grilling.
  3. a cat wants my before-bedtime cereal.
  4. pet gecko on a leash.

  1. pb&j sushi rolls.
  2. braiding.
  3. being posh spice.
  4. dancing with the stars.
See, that wasn't so bad.

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  1. Oh My Goodness! Two of my favorite foods in the same picture grouping! Hold that Banana Royale!!!! I will be right over!!! And I love love love your pasta salad! Do you take reservations? Seriously!


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