Friday, September 28, 2012

friday foto dump

I have been trying to get in the habit of doing a friday photo dump - sharing those wonderful Instagram photos I've been taking of random stuff.  But I think I've only succeeded once in doing it.  So, here are photos from the last couple of weeks, lucky you!  And if you're crazy enough to want to follow me on the IG, then click here!  

1.  Breaking out my boots.  It's been a long while.
2.  An Autumn-appropriate wreath on the door.
3.  First hot cocoa & toast of the season.
Lounging with a cat.

1.  A new vase for my new dining room table.
2.  Plate arrangement.
3.  Who needs a plate to eat cake?
4.  My new owl and owlet hardware.

1.  Her majesty on the new table.
2.  My leather thrift-store find.
3. Two kids giggling.
4.  Showing our Seahawks pride.

1.  Nothing like a repeat photo.
2.  A natural-looking stache.
3.  Getting my hair did by McKenna.
4.  Homework project.

1.  The plan - for my mom's visit.
2.  A covered bridge sighting!
3.  Napping feline.
4.  More of the same.

1.  Guess where?
2.  More covered bridge fun!
3.  Ugly is so cute.
4.  My back.  A comfy spot for a cat-nap.

1.  Cutest restaurant ever ever.
2.  My pretty momma.
3.  A delightful setting.
4.  Best sweet rolls in the world.

1.  A random elephant.
2.  Bread for a bracelet.
3.  Mom found her strudel.
4.  Say yes! to hot cocoa!

1, 2, 3, 4.  Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game.

1, 2.  Pittsburgh at night.
3.  My front door at night.
4.  My Lucky Charms at night.

1.  Mom & I visit Abby Lee.
2.  My Mom, the crazy cat lady.
3.  Go Ducks!
4.  Monster Pooper poops candy.  :)

1.  Painting Elyssa's room.
2.  Framing photos for McKenna's room.
3.  Honey Boo Boo!
4.  The Great Chili Cook-Off.

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  1. Ohh my goodness you went to Abby Lee?! I am totally jealous!!

    Plus all these other pictures are FABULOUS!


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