Monday, September 24, 2012

mckenna's newly painted bedroom.

This room was {by far} the most difficult to tackle in this house thus far.  And from the looks of things, the other rooms in the house are all smooth sailing from here.  So, the beast is behind me!  For this room, it all started with the ripping out of carpet, only to discover that someone long ago had done a bang-up job of slathering white paint on the trim and surrounding wood floor, as well as splattering paint droplets like confetti.  So, once the little carpet nails and monster staples were removed from the floor via plier and blistered hand, I had the fortunate job of rubbing Goof Off {brief-high-inducing paint remover} all over the wood floors in small, tedious amounts, coat-after-coat-after-why-is-this-not-working-coat.  Finally it worked and I was done and the floors look so much better now.  But then... there was the monotonous, physically-grinding work of stripping wallpaper, which just about killed me.  It took me days of spraying and sponging and digging that stupid stripping tool along the wall.  Just horrid.  I kept myself company {because I did this all single-handedly, you know} by talking aloud about dumb people who put up wallpaper and how there should be laws against gluing such awful stuff to walls.  But then a miracle happened.  I somehow finished the job.  And it felt darn good.  And then another small miracle happened.  My mom showed up for a surprise visit!  And for the next 9 days, we had too much fun to even think about this unfinished bedroom.  And that event probably saved my life. Ok, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but it certainly saved my sanity.  So, when Mom said her goodbyes, I was refreshed and optimistic and motivated and I painted that room right up!

I am a big believer in allowing my kids to decorate their own rooms {with my assistance in the work, of course}.  This is their space and I want them to feel like it's their place and that they are the designers and creators of their space.  Their room reflects them and celebrates them!  And so, this room is by McKenna.  This was her vision and I tried hard to get it just how she explained.  And if you are lucky enough to know this 10-year-old girl, than you know this is totally her room: a little bit girly, a little bit rock n' roll.  A little bit lace and rainbows.  A little bit video games and cars.

The Spokane Wall.  
She wanted a wall for good Spokane memories with friends and family.
12x18's from Costco and frames from IKEA.  

Dolls and cars.  Even a doll in a football helmet.  That's totally McKenna.

Girly pinks and stuffed bears and polkadots and ruffles.

And then a video game poster.

The old-lady lace curtains left by the previous owner.  
I tried to replace them with something young & fun, but McKenna said no way!  
So the girly curtains shall stay.

A quick sneak peek inside her closet.  Little bit rock n' roll.

This little girl rocks!  And I hope she enjoys her new room!

And because every set of "after" photos needs a set of "before"photos... Here's what McKenna's room looked like when we first bought the house:

Holy cow!  Even I can see the difference.  :)

Now I'm off to work on Elyssa's room!  
Never a dull moment in this house!

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  1. I am so glad I was able to take you away from the stress of this room for awhile! It is so beautiful now! Great job!!!


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