Thursday, September 27, 2012

our halloween mantel. even though it's still september.

As I type this post, it is pouring rain outside like I have never seen.  It has been raining all day long, but this particular downpour has me feeling extra lethargic cozy and ready to nap at any time.  There's just something soothing about the sound of wet falling from the sky, while I'm safely inside tucked into the sofa with a warm laptop and a peripheral view of twinkly lights glowing from my fireplace mantel.  It makes me glad that I have a tendency to be overly ambitious when it comes to readying the house for holidays.  Today is a perfect day for twinkly candy-corn lights and softly flickering faux candles.  And spiders.  Oh yes!  Even fake spiders.

With all of the antique shopping and visits to the countryside lately, I have really been inspired by that kind of decorating - the gorgeous floral garlands, the vintage baskets and tins, the pumpkin-spice candles, the autumn inspired signs, and the large antique window frames.  All of those items would make a lovely Fall mantel display, I just know it.  And perhaps one day I shall see for myself, but for now... this family is all about the fun and all about the spooky {with a little bit of pretty tossed in for me}.  And when my kids came home from school today and "loved!" the fireplace {especially the spiders}, it was marvelous indeed!

Candy corn lights!

Trick or treat!

My inspiration for the FALL letters below.  And by inspiration, I kinda mean copy.  :)

So, that's that!  Now we just need October to get here!

Two other things going on around here:
  1. Even though it's still only September, I have taken it upon myself to build a small Halloween cemetery in the front yard.  I have also wrapped two trees in orange and purple lights.  This is in addition to the leaf garland and lights I put around our front door, of which the neighbor up the street from us remarked, "I thought you were already decorating for Christmas, and I thought I was early."  Oh boy, it's fun to be the overly-eager new neighbor.
  2. I put the faux cemetery up yesterday, on the windiest day ever.  And all the gravestones blew across the yard.  And I'm sure the neighbors got a good laugh about that.  I put the gravestones back into place {because I am a determined woman} and today, on the second windiest {most rainiest day}, they are blown across the yard again.  You are welcome for the entertainment, my dear bestest neighbor friends.

DIY Showoff


  1. Those candy corn lights are sooo cute! I love the candle sticks too..

  2. Love it! My son has built the biggest cemetery ever in our front yard, complete with skeletons rising from the graves. Ahhhh. Halloween is the best!


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