Friday, September 14, 2012

pennsylvania covered bridge tour, day two.

*warning - heavy bridge posting ahead.  proceed with caution.  all bridges may look exactly the same.

Hear that, Misty?  That's the bird from the movie Funny Farm!

One hot mama.

All the cattails you could ever ask for.

Why yes.  We will be attending the Covered Bridge Festival this weekend!

Mom tebows the elusive Day Bridge.  

My very favorite bridge of the bunch!

Hey, I went to school with a boy named Erskine!

So that was that.  Day two of driving the winding Pennsylvania roads to spy these red bridges of Washington County.  It was amazingly beautiful and I hope to catch a few of these again once the leaves start to change color {autumn leaves just make everything more picturesque, don't they?}.  Surprisingly, with all of the driving we were doing, we never were more than 45 minutes away from home {in Pittsburgh}.  And the freeway was always about ten minutes away, so grabbing lunch or gas was never an issue.
Sunday, we are taking the daughters with us to the actual covered bridge festival {we lucked out that it's the same weekend my mom is here}.  There will be crafts galore, as well as activities and good food!  And I'm sure all the young, cool folk will be there too, as a covered bridge festival is totally something young, cool folk love to do.  My mom is probably going to feel very out of place, but we'll do our best to keep her entertained.


  1. Beautiful. How fun to do this with your mom. How is it that everytime you are in a picture you look like a model?? I need some styling tips from you before I go buy myself some mom jeans.

  2. Well thats just the coolest littler road trip ever.I was already jealous of the barns but then you said leaves fall too. get OUT! No doubt Kari, she always looks so cute. Whateves.

  3. The covered bridges were so awesome especially with my daughter Misty!!! It is ok they are all the same color because their individual character shone through! Pennsylvania is a very beautiful state and Misty is in a state of beautiful!


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