Thursday, September 20, 2012

photos in slideshow format + sappy tunes = the ugly cry.

Tonight was McKenna's 5th grade open house at her new school, where we continue to know not a soul in this town.  I take that back.  We actually do know a few souls, thanks to neighbor friends and classmates and it was nice to recognize a couple of people at the school.  Her teachers sound absolutely terrific - always a bonus.  We tried to meet them personally and introduce ourselves, but the introduction line was long and awkward, so we will try again another time.  There's something a little creepy about standing around, waiting to talk to someone and listening in on their conversations.  I'd just rather do almost anything else.

The highlight of the night though, had to be the little powerpoint slide show complete with photos of the children in class set to a sappy rendition of Forever Young.  Tears, people.  It's not even the end of the school year.  It's only just started.  And already I am shedding tears.  I blame the invention of slideshows w/ soundtrack.  And our National Anthem.  Tears every time- without fail.  But this really was the highlight and I was moved to tears for very good reason.  McKenna's gorgeous, happy smile was shining in so many of the photos.  She had her arms around new friends, smiling and laughing in each of the pictures.  It was what any mother longs to see when she moves her family across the country.  Happiness.  Delight.  Friendship.  We can't know what our kids are going through at every moment of the day, especially at school.  But I got a glimpse tonight in those photos, and it filled my heart and gave me relief.  And it took everything not to ugly-cry right there in front of all those other parents we don't know.

Here are a couple of McKenna's work-things:

She was asked to choose a word to sum up her summer.  She chose Moved.

And then she thanked us for making dinner almost every night.  

Two things:

  1. So proud of her correct spelling of "definitely."  More and more I am seeing the word "defiantly" used where a "definitely" should be.  And although entertaining, it defiantly bugs.
  2. Wondering what her teacher thinks about her only eating dinner almost every night and wishing I could read other kids' notes.

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  1. Only the saddest moment in my life so far! Oh dear...that line kills me. So sad. Glad her word poem ends happily!


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