Saturday, September 8, 2012

saturday morning feels like home.

Today finally feels like home.  
After five weeks in this strange, foreign land,
it feels fabulous, fantastic, and wickedly brilliant to finally feel like I am home.

Perhaps it was the perfect combination of subtle morning events that finally did the trick.

Sleeping in until 10am, awaking without an alarm clock, to a dark, quiet house.

Walking downstairs, to spy my new dining room table & chairs.  
Not an empty room in the house now.  

The rain and wind, rustling the trees all around our house. 
An open window allowing the fresh, cool air to enliven our senses.
It feels a bit like Autumn this morning and I love it.

My first hot cocoa & toast of the season.  A childhood tradition that I still follow to this day.
It always means home.

Staying in my pajamas until well past noon, dreaming of how I will decorate the dining room with white plates and antique items.  Which then leads me to dream how I will decorate for Halloween and then Christmas.  Which are things I dream when I feel like I'm home.

Boy, it's good to be home.

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