Saturday, September 1, 2012

the coolest thermostat ever. or warmest. you choose.

This is in no way meant to be an infomercial {although wouldn't that be the coolest}.  It's just that as we are settling into our new house and making little changes to suit us better, we are finding some cool stuff out there in the home improvement world and I'd love to share what is really floating our boats.  

With that,  I bring you the Nest Learning Thermostat {Husband has been dreaming about this gadget for a while now and he was like a kid at Christmas when the UPS guy dinged our doorbell this morning, announcing it's arrival}.  So the thing is, it's a little bit of green up front - like $250 green.  But the good news is, it's supposed to save you that much in your heating bill in the first year of use {if you do it right, I'm sure}.  So, not too shabby.  Just like shopping at Costco, where you spend a little more up front, but save more over time.  That's what we keep telling ourselves anyway.  This little gadget actually learns how you heat and cool your home, and {just like in our biggest fears of robots taking over the world}, it takes over and does it for you.  Only more efficiently.  

And just look how cute it is {because that's important}.

And it's so so so simple too.  You just touch the screen to bring it to life...

and turn the dial {like the olden days} to adjust the temperature.  Blue for cold and red for heat.  

It's non-obtrusive.  I mean just look how absolutely adorable it is {because we talked about the importance of that already}.

And just to add to the cool factor, it comes with an iPhone app, of course.  Duh.  So you can be extra ridiculously careful and anal about the temperature of your home.

So, that's that.  A great gift for Husbands or Dads, don't you think?  But this is still not an infomercial, so I promise I really don't give a poop if you go out and buy one or not.

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