Monday, September 10, 2012

the neighborhood rebels.

If you follow football, then you might know the Seattle Seahawks lost a very close game yesterday.  But before that tragic thing happened, you should know that we did our best to show our team spirit, even in a town full of hardcore Stiller's fans.  We raised our 12 Man flag with pride, displaying a very non-conforming blue against a sea of black and yellow.  And it took some guts.

At this point, Husband was trying to be very quick and inconspicuous about drilling into our tree and then hanging the flag, but the fact that I was standing in the front yard aiming a camera at him, while neighbors walked by, didn't help with the subtleness.
I think there were jokes said about drilling for syrup if anyone asked.
Oohhhh, that's Vermont?  I see.

 And at this point, Husband is pretty sure we should stop taking pictures and go hide inside.

 And now he's very serious.


 Or taunting.  
Either way, it's good to stand out from the crowd sometimes.

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