Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the seven stages of middle school homework.

We usually try to put homework off until we finally remember it five minutes before bed, but Husband got tired of that routine {as it often interrupts football-watching} and so he decided {being the better parent than I} that homework must be started much much earlier, like right after school.  And - because who doesn't like to sit & learn for 6 hours straight and then come right home and sit & learn some more - today we tried it out.  The kids had a healthy snack {obviously} and got straight to work.  Math!  Yippee!!  And I sat down to offer assistance, which basically means learn algebra all over again.  

The Stages of Middle School Homework

1.  Denial.  Have a sibling present to goof off with, while eating fritos and drinking diet coke.  What homework?

2.  Acceptance.  Look!  I am a multi-tasking master!  Texting and solving math problems simultaneously.  Maybe homework isn't so bad.

3.  Insanity.  Look how many problems my teacher gave me!  Doesn't she know I need time for video games?

4.  Depression is afoot.  One problem down.  15 to go.  My life is over.

5.  Narcolepsy.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

6.  Extreme texting.  Why even bother with my math work sheet, when I can happily text my bff and razz my big brother about his homework?

7.  The upward turn.  Just look at my smile.  Still no work sheet insight, but I managed to get ahold of two phones!  Homework time is awesome!

And I am going to go ahead and publicly admit that maybe doing homework after school is not such a horrible idea.  It's nice to have it out of the way, so we can just relax later in the evening.  Husband has some good ideas sometimes.  That guy.  


  1. Love this! This is totally us but ALL day long since we homeschool. Last weeks algebra brought me to tears!

  2. That husband of yours and his crazy ideas!!! LOL
    I must confess, that math is the WORST so I feel for your poor kids. Although my math tutor corrected me today when I said, "I can't figure this problem out!" He retorted, "You can't figure this exercise out, as there are no problems in math. Math is fun!" Still not sure I agree, but I'll ponder that for the next few days.


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