Saturday, September 8, 2012

what would i do without you.

It makes my day when I get a text message like, "I just ran into a parent of a student of your brother's who is addicted to your blog and she wants to meet you!"   
And I am always surprised when I'm talking to my mom on the phone and she says something like, 
"So and so thinks your writing is funny, but says somethings are TMI!"  
My response is always the same... Wait, what?  
How do these people find my blog?  
How embarrassing.

Don't worry though.  
I'm never embarrassed for more than 3 seconds, thanks to a short attention span. 
Look!  A squirrel!

But quite honestly, I love the attention.  Love me, please.

And even though most of you don't comment or let me know you're reading
{hey, that's kind of creepy-stalkerish isn't it?},
I am always happy to hear from others that you are stopping by
and keeping up with my life!

You keep me going.  Keep me writing.  Keep me photographing.  Keep me doing.
Because without the doing, there'd be nothing to photograph and nothing to write.
Nothing to create.

So, thank you for stopping by and supporting me and making me feel like a rockstar.
You are welcome here anytime!


  1. Well Misty you shall have another follower! I saw Uncle Bill and Aunt Mo this weekend and I showed them this blog and they wrote it down and now they will follow and yes stalk you because I don't think they will comment! Because they don't like to sign up for commenting. They said you were just as beautiful as ever :)

  2. ok, coming out the woodwork...found your blog thru the pleated your style and I too think you are funny!! And the pictures of your family scream LOVE!!! I started following you on instagram (Kelatz)

  3. My mom loves to sit down and read your blog, along with Viki's. You have a wonderful writing style and I love all the pictures. We probably wont comment much, but we are always reading. Keep up the great work.


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