Monday, October 15, 2012

3 things I never thought possible.

One thing:  I never thought I'd produce offspring-turned-basketball-players.

Two thing:  I never thought I'd ever ever finish painting these closet doors.

3.  Three thing:  I never thought I'd marry a pirate.  Arrrgh.

The deets...

  1. I'm 5'1 and a whole half.  An NBA star could eat me for lunch.  Yet somehow, I suddenly find myself with all three of my children playing on a basketball team.  McKenna found out today that she made it onto the travel team!!!  Jackson has his first team meeting tomorrow!!!  And the surprise of all surprises is the 17 year-old-college-student-Elyssa who texted this to me this afternoon... "Okay I guess I'm joining the basketball team!  I'll be here until 6:30!... I'm gonna die!  It's good for me though!"  So, wow!  All those haters hating on short people... boo ya! 
  2. Painting and painting and painting.  I never thought it would end.  I've been working on turning the basement into a kid-friendly {hey you kids are being loud, you should go downstairs} hangout and I am finally finished!  Of course, I will post photos soon, but you do get a sneak peek at those blasted closet doors of which I had to paint slat by slat times three coats.  B.o.r.i.n.g.  So, so boring.  The basement is pretty amazing though now.  I can say that since I did all the work.  :)
  3. Poor, poor husband.  I know, you're probably thinking I'm such a mean wife, posting a photo of an innocent man in an eye patch while eating chili.  But I'm so serious - he gave me permission.  Sure, it could have been the prescription pain meds doing the talking, but how I am supposed to know?  Anyway, as Halloween festive as it seems, Husband actually got poked in the eye with a tree branch while performing dangerous feats of yard work on Sunday.  He is okay, but in a lot of pain since scratching one's cornea is an upsetting thing to do.  And I'm trying my hardest to be sincere and kind and caring, whilst the combo of medication & eye patch are quite entertaining in a way that I might find absolutely hilarious {but I'm really doing my best to be serious}.  Fail.
In other news... Did you catch that Seahawks win against the Patriots?  
Captain Thomas says it was off the "hook!"

*so mean.  so, so mean.


  1. Wow!!! Pretty amazing!!! It must have been the influence of the time we played basketball and baseball in Spokane! Just Kidding! Fun times ahead! Congrats for all! Sorry to Thomas! We hope his eye heals quickly, Ouch! And the doors look wonderful!!! Great job Misty, can I have some of your energy...please!

  2. If my husband were in a patch...I'd be making the same jokes! :)

  3. Your post made me laugh out loud! Hee heee!

  4. Cute blog! I like your writing style and as a former PA girl that moved to Texas, look forward to hearing more about your move.

    I would totally make pirate jokes with my hubby too. :)



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