Thursday, October 4, 2012

creepy ken the prankster.

Crazy Ken has been with our family for many years.  Actually, there have been a few Kens throughout the years, but only one has survived the abuse that has been bestowed upon it.  I'm afraid Kens aren't treated very well in our family, going back to even my own childhood.  Back then, Ken had an elastic band inside, holding him together, and if you whipped him real quick, he'd get stuck in a fantastic pose.  And once the elastic became really stretched out, he was extra wiggly.  We called him "weeble-wobble man."  Barbie deserved better than that.  And so Ken became a joke.  And to this day, I still find him funny.  I'm practically crying my way through this post - in a good way.

One day, not long after we moved into our new house, I think it was Jackson who placed Ken on Elyssa's window sill, and there that doll sat overlooking the front yard.  Even in the rain.  Just scroll back up there and look at him sitting there.  I'm dying!!!  And not too many days later, I walked into my bathroom to find Ken sitting on the toilet paper roll.  Elyssa, it turns out, is quite the little prankster.

And so I got her back, by placing him on her car mirror.

Which has led to Ken in all sorts of funny places.  We find him, we take a picture of him and then hide him again.  

If you have been following me on Instagram, then you have probably seen these random Ken photos and wondered what insane things I have been up to {and I don't blame you}.  The thing is, the kids and I are enjoying a little pranking game and I am probably the one who is relishing it most of all.  

It's reminds me of some kind of horribly creepy Elf on the Shelf knockoff.
And that's probably why I like it. 


  1. Dad and I thank you for the shared laughter! We remember Romanian Ken with fond and hilarious memories!

  2. you seriously need to get that boy some pants. :-)

    1. Oh my gosh! You made me laugh so hard!


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