Friday, October 5, 2012

friday photo dump.

1.  What it's like to live in this funhouse.  

 1.  Raising the bar for the neighbs.
2.  A foggy morning from the kitchen.
3.  Removing the grapes.
4.  A new, shiny green bedroom.

1.  A healthy Misty...
2.  Turns into a sickly Misty
3.  Arrangement of vampire family photos.
4.  Dreaming of a Happiest Place on Earth. 

 1.  Who is this cat?
2.  Getting some pets.
3.  A duck face & gang pose all in one shot.
4.  Cinnamon toast deliciousness.

1.  In desperate need of curtains.
2,3,4.  More Ken pranking.

It's been a pretty good week, getting my bedroom painted and LOVING it!  And then getting sick and NOT loving it.  Husband was out of town for a few days, so that was super nice I spent a great deal of time missing him tremendously {love you sugar bear!}.  Last night that guy and I even found time to go out for a late dinner, after Jackson's Open House at school.  I think that counts as our first date since "the move."  Next time, we shouldn't wait two months, because that was fun and much-needed.  In other news, I also managed to mow our entire lawn all by myself yesterday, which is quite an accomplishment considering the grand size of ups and downs that is our new yard.  Unfortunately, I feel like I may have taken a step backwards in recovering from being sick, so mowing was probably a very stupid move.  But the lawn looks pretty!  And today I look like H-E-Double hockey sticks.

I wish you a happiest of weekends!  I am pretty sure the word 'lazy' describes our weekend activity forecast.  Although, if the weather doesn't hate us too much, I'd like to get to the pumpkin patch before the masses decide to do the same.

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