Friday, October 12, 2012

friday photo dump.

1.  A beautiful autumn view outside of Costco {of all places}.

1-4.  Keeping warm and cozy with awesome socks and a faux fur blankie.

1-4.  Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookie making.

1-2.  Painting the basement for days and days.  :)

1.  Pretty plates on sale at Anthropologie, now adorning my wall.
2.  McDonald's Monopoly!  healthy, healthy.
3.  Look, I'm wearing an accessory!  It's a miracle!
4.  We've been boo-ed!  Somebody like us!

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  1. Hi Misty and Family, just found your blog address that Viki gave us and that I misplaced. We are in PDX still seeing family and friends. Had a great dinner at Kathleen's with a lot of family. Gloria' sister and her husband were visiting from NJ. First time we had been to their new house--sure is nice. Had a good time at your folks at Adam's farewell party. Well after such a dry summer, the rain started this morning and looks like it will stay for a long time. We will head south at the end of the month. Great blog!

    Our best, your uncle Bill and Aunt Mo

  2. These pictures make me want to get a blanket and join you on the sectional with the cookies and the Halloween decorations and the fireplace and the beautiful fall leaves right outside your door :)

  3. The downstairs looks wonderful you have been very very very very busy!!!!


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