Friday, October 19, 2012

friday photo dump.

Warning:  Little Miss Photographer Wannabe {me} got a little carried away with the photographing of twinkly lights.  I had no idea it would be so fun.  But it is.  So there you go.

Halloween lights in our yard...


Phew.  The twinkly part is over, now onto Instagram!

1.  Girls shopping day!  Let's buy some stuff!
2.  Testing out office chairs at IKEA.
3.  "Mom, you're seriously going to take my picture while I'm hurt?"  Yes.
4.  Lead the way, little IKEA man!

Accessorizing {two days in a row}.  Go, me!

Claires.  Pretty much awesome for a girl's day out.

Creepy Ken strikes again.

Mojo found a new place to sleep and I've only sat on her once.

Peace out.  I'm done with this basement!

Thanks mom!  We love our new hangout {as long as you're down here too}.

Oh no!  It appears we've kept one of the kids in the car for too long!
JK!  It's just a little creeper guy who decided to come home with us from the Halloween store.

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life rearranged


  1. seriously dying at your last picture. beyond funny!
    I wish my house looked as awesomly halloween-y as yours, great job!
    & LOVE those necklaces!

    have a great weekend:):)

    1. We have never lived in a neighborhood full of kids, so we are using that as an excuse to go nuts this year. We finally will have trick-or-treaters!!!
      Have a super weekend!

  2. your basement looks fabulous! and i had an ikea visit this week, too.....just love that place! have a great weekend!

  3. Yea!! Loving this post. Beautiful lights and crisp fall colors.
    MARINA04118- I must warn you, I am quite boring. :) ~Marina

  4. Gorgeous photos, and I especially love the last one! Love that you guys buckled him in.

  5. I am visiting from Life Rearranged. I LOVE your twinkle light pictures! You are a lovely photographer!

    I need to go to Ikea again soon! They have SO MUCH great stuff there! I love your circle bunting. SO cute!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Ok, this post is adorable. I LOVE the skeleton. You really shouldn't leave your kids in the car, ya know? ;) Too funny!
    Your fall photos are sooo pretty! Jealous that you're experiencing fall, we haven't seen it here yet. Love your basement. The garlands are so cute! Happy weekend!


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