Thursday, October 11, 2012

last of the summer florals.

I'm taking a much needed break from the dungeon of mauve, in order to breathe in some fresh Fall air and hopefully release some of the crazy paint toxins I've been ingesting.  I am kicking so much buns, getting that basement painted and I am absolutely looking forward to seeing my finished project {although is any home improvement project ever really finished for a furniture/decor-rearranging-addict}.  It's such a lovely day out, I grabbed my camera and wandered outside to see what nature has been up to around the homestead.  We still have quite a few flowers thriving here-and-there, although the nightly temperatures have been dipping down into the mid-thirties this week.  The giant trees in our yard are still bright green- only a few leaves have started to curl and fall to their doom.  Once they do decide to go though, I can't even begin to imagine the raking we will have to endure.  Part of me is excited, while part of me remembers what hard work that can be. Oh well, exercise right?

Anyway, Mom & Dad 
- this is good news!  
Our leaves might just wait until your visit!

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  1. Tell the leaves to wait for us! Sometimes it looks like they are as beautiful as they are going to get but then as time goes by they get even more beautiful! Well at least I hope so in Pennsylvania in October of 2012!


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