Tuesday, October 9, 2012

late happens.

Sometimes on a cold foggy morning, an alarm clock doesn't go off inside of a nice, warm house.  And sometimes a mom will wake up, think oh my god!, look at her clock, and realize that everyone slept in a half-hour.  Sometimes that mom will grab her robe, run down the hall and shout at her children to hurry, hurry - time to wake up - we slept in!  And sometimes the teenager who also lives in the house will walk out of her room, dressed and ready to go to school and the mom will wonder why that teenager didn't think it was peculiar that everyone else was still sleeping.  And sometimes the boy who lives in the house, upon hearing he slept in, will say aloud well, I guess I won't be going to school today because drama lives in tired, sleepy minds.  And fortunately, sometimes a family will rise to the occasion and dress hurriedly and eat hurriedly and finish up homework {that should have been done last night!} hurriedly and even if the littlest girl sometimes literally has to run to catch her waiting bus, the point is that sometimes late happens.  And sometimes we have to scurry with grouchy eyebrows.  But we did it!  The kids each made their bus... which means embarrassing mom doesn't have to drive them in her pajamas!  Hip hip!


  1. I worry about doing that every morning lol I love the pumpkin picture :)


    1. With five of us in the house with alarm clocks, we usually are pretty safe. But nobody set their alarm! What are the chances? :)


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