Thursday, October 18, 2012

learning to chill.

I've been going gangbusters on housework/home improvement projects ever since we moved into this house.  I am either painting, hammering, cleaning, or spending money at Home Depot.  Once I start a project, I work like a busy bee until it is done.  It has been exhaustingly satisfying and fun.  When I'm in work-mode, Husband will say things like, "You should give yourself a break" or "Don't you ever stop?"  And I usually roll my eyes at him.  A break?  Yeah, right.  Well, this week {once the basement was at last settled}, I feel like I have finally allowed myself to chill and take a much needed break.  And I maybe owe that a little bit to a tree branch that poked Husband in the eye and made him work from home this week.  That man and I have spent so much quality time together, just hanging out, grabbing lunch, and running errands.  It has been nice, to say the least.  He really is my best friend {and although I seem to complain recently about having zero Pittsburgh friends thus far}, there really is no one else I'd rather hang with than that guy.  He's totes awesome.

Yes, I did say "totes."
Cray, I know.

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