Sunday, October 14, 2012

redbull stratos: the lego version

I'm always in awe of children and their imaginations.  As a family, this afternoon we sat in Jackson's room, eyes affixed to his laptop screen, watching history take place as Felix Baumgartner free-fell from the stratosphere.  It was jaw-dropping, watching Felix rise up and up in that balloon, then run through his egress checklist, and then step out of that capsule and jump.  We all tried to imagine what it would be like to fall for almost four minutes {from space} and we pretty much agreed we wouldn't want to know.  But thanks to daredevils + science + technology, we can know what it would be like, from the safety of the ground.  

After the jump and the safe landing, we all went about our own business {I'm so close to being done painting the basement!} and Jack and McKenna went off to build legos.  A little while later, I heard laughing outside and went to see what those two were up to.  They had made their own little Lego Felix's with plastic bag parachutes and were tossing them off the deck.  And because it was such a perfectly windy day, the little chutes worked marvelously!  

And yes, one boy is outside in his socks, while one girl is still in her pajamas, but it is the weekend.  And when children get exciting scientific ideas in their heads, they can't be bothered with details such as clothing choices, am I right?

And in case you missed the whole Redbull thing, click here!

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