Wednesday, October 10, 2012

some mornings.

Some mornings, the sun rises and glistens through our kitchen window saying hello and good morning!  And Husband decides to make cinnamon rolls, the sweet smell wafting throughout the house.  And the children actually have time to sit down at the table to eat them, before catching the school bus.  Beautifully marvelous mornings.

And then there are those other mornings...

Just here, keeping it real!


  1. Those cinnamon rolls look divine. And that sunshine?? Please. Sounds like those are completely wonderful mornings. And I bet the rest are complete chaos. :)

  2. I love that window upstairs that the sun shines through! It is so delightful to wake up with the sun streaming in the room, so warming. And what a delight to walk downstairs into the kitchen for a just out of the oven cinnamon roll! I can almost smell it from here...not really! But I would like too!!!


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