Monday, October 8, 2012

the next project: goodbye pink basement.

Welcome to the dungeon of mauve!

This is my next home-improvement undertaking and it promises to keep me busy for the next few days {or longer if I feel like being nice to myself and relaxing my way through it}.  I feel like this room has so much potential, so I am excited to seriously start busting it out.  I've already painted some of the trim white and even just that small task is quite an improvement, compared to the pink.  My plan is for white-white-everywhere, with a yellow accent wall {you can see I've already tested the yellow back there}.  The ceiling needs a fresh coat of white {ouch, I can feel my sore arm muscles already}, the trim, doors, and closets need to be whitened, and then of course, the walls need to be rolled in clean, bright white.  This white thing is actually a new concept for me, as I usually go bold or go home with paint, but I think it's going to brighten it up down here, where two little windows are the only access to natural lighting.  I'll go bright and bold with accent pieces, like paintings and furniture, to get my color fix.

And then there's this bathroom, which will require more wallpaper removal {ugh}.

And these closet doors are going to be an absolute dream to paint, I'm sure!

So, this is where I'll be if you need me... 
Just plugging along, making this happy house an even happier home!

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