Monday, October 1, 2012

the parental sleeping quarters: a younger, hipper version.

I love my bedroom, guys.  Love, love, LOVE!!!  I feel like I got it right this time.  We've moved lots of places and into loads of bedrooms over the years, but this one takes the big, fat cake.  I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the grandiose size of the room and the two lovely windows {yes it gave me a lot to work with}, but this color.  This COLOR!  Cottage Hill green by Behr, not for everybody, but totally for ME!!!!  I had my bedroom painted a similar color when I was a child and so I have a lot of fond memories associated with this color.  And, although I had no intention of choosing a green color {or any bright color at all}, I am so happy I listened to my completely spontaneous decision to purchase two gallons of it right on the spot - committing fully - no going back.  It lightens and brightens and brings this room into the current century.

We replaced the previous owner's vertical blinds with simple, white curtains {sheer, patterned on the inner rod and a thicker white on the outer rod}.  I love how curtains billow in the breeze of an open window.  It's the small things.  We purchased the rods and curtains all at Target {the bestest store ever}.  

I added some manliness over on Husband's side of the room, by adding the golfing painting.  And what you don't see is that he keeps a suitcase on his side for travels, as well as his Seahawks jersey draped over his butler valet stand.  Fancy.  I want to remember this room at it's cleanest though, but just know that we keep it real in this house.  I put the clutter away for you, but I swear it's there in real life.  :)

That owl.  I saw it at TJ Maxx last week and pulled myself away from it {how many owls does one really need}, but I went into that store again today and told myself if it was there, it was meant to be and I could own it.  It was there.  Of course it was there.  Just waiting for me.

My new blogging nook!  This is where this post is happening currently!  And I love it!  I can see out the window, look at myself in the mirror and check the time with only a nod of my head.  The desk is from IKEA {just like the rest of our bedroom furniture}.  As much as I enjoy a country theme, our current furniture is a bit modern and so I stuck with that design for the desk.  Plus it was cheap.  And I'm cheap.  So, it worked out for everyone.

I hang my necklaces behind the bathroom door.  It's a nice hidden spot with easy access.  Now, if only I'd remember to wear any of them.

I know you'd love to see what this room looked like before I busted my rump this weekend!  The following photo is from before our time.  I took this photo when we walked through for our home inspection.  It's hard to see, but those are vertical blinds, lovely grape valances and a grapevine wallpaper border to match.

In the next photo, I realized I wanted a 'before' photo a little late.  I had already tested the paint in the corner and removed some of the wallpaper strip.  But you get the idea, neutral walls, grapes, and vertical blinds, oh my!

And now!  I can't wait to see what I do with this place over time.  We have room for a couple chairs, a rug, or a small sofa.... we shall see!


  1. It looks awesome! I think the room looks bigger after what you've done, too.

    How did the Ikea furniture fare after your cross country move? We're moving into our new place bright and early tomorrow, and I'm interested to see how ours did.

    1. I was actually impressed (or we got really lucky). Our IKEA stuff did great. I did have to use a hammer to tap in the little nails on the back, to reinforce the tall dresser, but that was it. Particle board desks from other places like Target did not make it in one piece, so we threw those out. But Ikea did okay. :)
      Good luck with your stuff arriving safe and sound! I hope it goes smoothly!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR ROOM! So dang cute! I'm VERY jealous it's the big too! ENJOY IT! :)

  3. Oh my god! Your room is soooo great. I love the green. Its the most bestest green ever. All looks really good. Have fun in your new room as it looks like a bowling alley size wise. Hehe.

  4. you are seriously making me jealous! And you do this all by yourself! I need to get my booty in gear!

  5. The color green you picked out is beautiful! And I wish I had your motivation! Maybe this winter I can get motivated? It makes such a big difference in your room!!


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