Wednesday, October 3, 2012

what i've been wearing.

Ruche top, Old Navy skinnies, AEO booties
Casual friday in AEO booties, Loft denim & stripes, F21 necklace
A cold, foggy morning in Costco vest, J Crew stripes, Old Navy cords, AEO booties
And later that same day... J Crew stripes, Fuego scarf, Old Navy cords, Born boots
2 million sneezes in Anthro top, Loft crops, Burberry flats

I'm typing this post at 11pm, as the little, blue night-time cold medicines are starting to take affect on both my symptoms and my coherent brain.  In the photo directly north I was feeling pretty crappy, but I'm afraid I look movie star glamorous compared to how I look right now - mouth breathing and crusty-nosed, makeup smeared on my one leaky eye,  and matted bed hair.  I'm all kinds of hot right now.

Oh my gosh, I think I just stared off into space {mouth agape} for like five minutes.  I'm sorry, where was I?  Wherever I was, it was good.  It was real good.  Ohp!  I think I'm about to go there again.  Eye lids heavy.  Mouth still open.

I should go, kids.  It's probably not safe to operate the internets on nighttime meds.  But just know this, please.  My youngest so considerately pointed out to me this morning, that stripes are my favorite.  Not hers, but mine.  Because, as she went on to explain further, I am always wearing them.  And, just so you know, I know.  And I'm working on it.  I'm gonna mix it up a little bit this next week, I promise. Maybe just one day of stripes though...because they are my favorite!  K, it's time to pass out.  Gotta go put this monkey circus to bed.

Oh wait!  First, two little things:

1.  So happy I bought the bulk boxes of tissue at Costco this morning.

 2.  So happy for the cute, little blue pills I took and this small moment of nose-breathing.

K, for reals.  G'night.
***I like shopping for clothes.  It's a weakness.  But I also like hanging out in sweats and pajamas.  Posting my outfits helps me keep my budget in balance while also keeping my cute stuff from going to waste.  Plus I'm just a big girly-girl who likes to play dress-up.  Every wednesday I link up with The Pleated Poppy and on fridays, with Two Thirty-five Designs.  Click on the cute boxes below to see what I'm talking about!

pleated poppy


  1. All your outfits are super cute!! I especially like the mustard jeans, horse shirt and Indian booties :)

  2. I adore all your outfits, I am really jealous of your closet;)

    especially those moccasin booties!


  3. I am in love with your horse shirt! I've been wanting one for awhile! so cute! hope you're feeling better!

  4. Love that first top and the polka dotted scarf! :)

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the AEO booties! I must have them! Visiting from WIWW :), and now following your blog!


  6. Pretty! Love your Burberry flats! Anyone ever tell you that you look like Kristen Wiig?

    1. Thank you! I have been told that a couple times! :)

  7. I'll chime in and mention that I love the boots too. Are they recent? I don't see them on the website. I need a pair:) Thanks!


      Here's a link to the booties from AEO! I just bought them last week.
      Thanks for popping in!

    2. Ohh thanks! Don't know why I couldn't find them before :P Great blog, great style!

  8. Get better soon! Gosh I hate colds... they just suck the life right out of you. By the way I LOVE navy and yellow. It must be my new favourite combo!


  9. Love that Ruche top in your first look! Super cute. And those flats in your last outfit are ADORABLE.
    Found you via WIWW.


  10. Um that first outfit is amazing! I am so in love with that top. And can we talk about those in love with them!

  11. Hahaha I read your cold medicine-induced writing and it was hilarious. And that first outfit with the printed top and yellow pants - LOVE. Such a classic preppy look that I want to imitate!

    Just stopping by from Pleated Poppy. Come check out my blog soon!


  12. A cute round-up of outfits again! I really like your style (and love the polka dot scarf, too!). :) Hope you are feeling better soon!

  13. That pony print is too fun! I hope you're feeling better!

    Hope to see you linked up at What I Wore Wednesday Just grab the badge or link and comment and you're good to go!


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