Wednesday, November 7, 2012

around the house.

First of all, THE SUN!!!  It came out right away this morning {not a cloud in sight} and was nice enough to shine brightly all day long!  The sun sets in front of our house and it was marvelous to stand on the porch and watch it disappear down behind the hill, even though it was far too early {5:00pm, are you serious?}.  I decided to grab my camera, stand under our small tree, and try to create sun stars with the lighting, which I am sure to my neighbors might have looked like suspicious behavior.  Too bad.


I uncluttered the front porch area, saying goodbye to the declining carved pumpkins and cornstalks.  And "boo." was replaced with "hello."  So fun, I know!  Come on in and I'll show you what I've been working on inside...


I lucked out so good on Monday.  After dropping my parents off at the airport {boohoo}, I stopped by IKEA for really no good reason as usual.  I picked up a couple of small items and headed to the cash registers, but decided to stop and browse through the as-is section {gets me every time}... and there she was!  A sofa table - nothing wrong with her - for cheap - already put together - and the same style as the coffee table already in my living room!  It was meant to be and I grabbed it up quick, paid for it, and looked like a complete idiot when I tried loading it into my van.  Just picture me trying to pick this thing up and slide it into the back of the van while using one leg to keep the cart from rolling away, only to have the cart actually roll away.  So yeah, once I had half of the table in the van, I had to gently set one end on the ground while I chased the cart across the parking lot.  Awesome.  Not embarrassing at all.  But it's home now and I love it.  As my husband says sarcastically every time he walks by the room, "Wow!  That table totally completes the room we never use!"  But he's right, it does.

This table is Mojo approved.


The real reason I went to IKEA was for this special hanger.  I've collected a number of scarves over the years, but needed easy access to them {the large Loft bag on the top shelf of my closet wasn't cutting it}.  Plus my closet is packed with clothing {surprising I know}, so there is no room for a good, organized scarf system.  So, I paid $9.99 for the hangar and purchased a small hook as well, and placed them behind the door to my bedroom.


So, that's just some o' the stuff I've been putzing with around the house!

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