Thursday, November 29, 2012

christmas sentimentality around the house.

This just might be my favorite time of year.  Just maybe.  Redecorating a house - all in green, red, and sparkles - for one month out of the year... sign me up.  Growing up, I watched my mother do this every year, trading the "ordinary" decor for all things Santa Claus.  It was spectacular!  Touching and admiring the tree ornaments was something I looked forward to as a child.  And there was nothing better than playing underneath the Christmas tree, stacking presents to build homes for small dolls and stuffed animals, and ooooohhhhhh...the smell of fresh evergreen scent!  I continue this tradition of decking the halls for my own children {and unashamedly for me too}, to help create a warm, imaginative home environment, where no matter what goes on outside in the real world {the good, the bad, or the ugly}, home can be a place where we come together and feel something positive and hopeful.  Most of the Christmas decorations we own have come in the form of gifts from family and so even though we may live far away, those loved ones are still very much part of our home.

{holiday votive holders from grandma r.}

{candle wreaths on an antique shopping trip with my mom}

{christmas pooh friends from my brother}

{music box ornaments from my mom}

{wooden boxes from my mom}

{fireplace & stockings with our names from my mom}

{the wreath was ALL ME from Target, baby}

{vintage partridge in pear tree book from my mom}

{not decor, but so cute anyway.  this cat is always looking for a photo op, i swear}

{i cut the framed pages from a Christmas book my mom gave me}

{i selfishly bought the berries, but holiday berries simply must be put on everything}

I really haven't bought anything new this year, so it amazes me to think that all this decoration fit into our previous, little Spokane home.  But it did!  Now, it is all spread out throughout this much roomier Pittsburgh pad and it kind of still looks like a lot.  Isn't that funny?  

And now that I've brought up our home in Spokane, I should probably include a photo of that place...

{this time last year in Spokane}

I'm a little sentimental, looking at this photo.  
This is the house I could't wait to get out of, yet there are so many good memories, 
especially at Christmas.

And there are wonderful memories just waiting to be created in Pennsylvania too!

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  1. Your house looks gorgeous! I wish we had pretty decorations like that...we're just starting out, so I need to get started with the Christmas decor thang. By the way, you're from Spokane? That's where my husband's from! And where we'll be moving to next year...

    1. We did just move from Spokane! My husband actually grew up there until middle school and coincidentally, we moved there for a job transfer about 8 years ago. It is a great place to raise a family and we miss it dearly. Have your husband take you to Tomato Street {our favorite italian restaurant}! And the downtown AMC is by far the best place to catch a movie. :) And enjoy the fact that there's hardly any traffic!!!!
      Thanks for stopping by and if you ever need suggestions, I'd love to help!

  2. Ohh love all your Christmas loveliness! Vistiing from Emily's - have a happy week x

  3. You are just the sweetest for adding the button, thanks so much :) :) I'll have a dedicated stills button for next week :)

    Your house is looking AMAZING- so ... perfect!!! Just quietly, i'm a little envious :)

    xo em


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