Wednesday, November 28, 2012

easy peasy lemon squeezy link-up party. starts dec. 1. be here.

I created a visual aid, so you can be assured this invite is legit.
I'm not asking you to do anything but link up your VERY FIRST BLOG POST
on December 1st!
I'll even provide the link-up.  Sweet of me, I know.

And if you can handle that one, easy request...
possibly {just maybe} you can come back and link-up your SECOND POST EVER
on December 2nd.
I know, I might be pushing it, but I'm a risk-taker.

And if you're really gullible motivated, perhaps you might even be inclined to keep posting until CHRISTMAS!!!  

That's 25 of your first posts that probably went by unnoticed when you first started your blogging journey!  Wouldn't it be fun to re-introduce yourself?  
Oh stop, yes it would.

Well, I'd love a chance to get to know you better!  
Don't I count for something?

I hope to see you on December 1st!  No rules required!  If you don't have 25 posts yet, just share until you run out or type some up real quick!
You don't even have to become my follower or anyone's pet monkey or anything.
I promise.

Am I on the verge of begging here?
It's simple, people.  Be here.


  1. that is a great idea misty! im gonna make a note to come back and link up with ya! :)

    1. That would be awesome! I hope to see you!

  2. Good Afternoon Misty, What a fabulous idea. After reading your post, I went back to look at my first post....and I remembered I was so nervous because I couldn't imagine anyone would be interested in my thoughts. Now I can't imagine blogging not being part of my life, so I would love to join you. I have written the date on the calendar, so will see you on the 1st. Best Wishes Daphne

    1. I hope to see you in the link-up tomorrow! That would be wonderful!

  3. SUCH a great idea!! I will totally be here. Promise.

    1. I'm excited! I can't wait to read your first post!

  4. Awsome idea! I will come back and link up. I do not even remember what it was about. Followering from instafriday. also on IG

    1. Whatever it was about, I bet it's going to bring back all kinds of memories. :)
      See you soon!


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