Monday, November 19, 2012

elyssa's pageant: day two.

What can I say?  This was a fun, adventurous, long day of pampering and nervousness and proud moments.  After an a.m rehearsal, we were sent away for lunch and Elyssa and I decided we had plenty of time to find Olive Garden before we had to be back to prepare for the show.  I quick-curled her hair before getting kicked out of the dressing room and I am so thankful I pushed the envelope on that one because lunch turned into quite the adventure, involving a long wait and the leaving of one's phone in the restaurant, only to finally become aware of this tragedy after already arriving back at the pageant site.  Anyway, after dropping Elyssa off to fend for herself in the dressing room, I had to return to the Olive Garden to thankfully rescue the phone and then return in just enough time to make Elyssa look fantastic in a crowded dressing room.  It all worked out, of course.  I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.  And this girl shined up like a new penny and then some!

The casual look:

The auditorium:

Elyssa's row of contestants.  There were 165 girls in all.

I love this next shot!  Go Elyssa!

Always a bigger smile once the model-walk is out of the way. :)

And onto the formal wear.  Mostly this night's pride was reserved for Elyssa, but I was pretty proud of my hair accomplishments, if I'm being honest.  :)


And yes, friends were made!

The following 3 photos are still-shots from a video that I am most vehemently NOT given permission to show to ANYONE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF FOREVER.  But I will say this... she rocked the question and she looked gorgeous and she didn't even trip or anything.

No trophies were brought home, but Elyssa is our winner just for putting herself out there and trying something challenging and new.  She blew our minds with her professionalism and confidence and we just know she's going to continue to rock it in life.


  1. She looked GORGEOUS! And you're right, GREAT job on the hair! :)

  2. way to go girl! that takes courage! and I'm so glad there is a pageant somewhere in the world without swimsuits! yay!

  3. Wow, so beautiful!!!! Your daughter is gorgeous :)


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