Friday, November 23, 2012

photo friday: life captured by phone.

1.  These totally go against last week's sudden desperate need to get back in workout shape, 
but they are just sooooooooo good!!!!

2.  Perfect pageant hair by Misty.
3.  Oh look!  More perfect pageant hair by Misty!
{two small miracles}

4.  Homemade fudge, sprinkled with walnuts.  Made by me.  
5.  Homemade fudge, plain.  Made by me.
6.  Homemade fudge sprinkled with peppermint.  Made by me.  Ruined by me.
{It turns out, the oil from the peppermint makes the fudge 
one big oily, runny mess}  

Being a new SAHM, since the move, has been a big adjustment for me, but I am embracing my home-makery self this week.  I sent Husband to work with fudge and banana bread for his employees!
Who is this new woman?

7.  A gift from Husband.  
The perfect gift for a blogger, let me tell you!  
This little piece of goodness allows me to hassle-free-ly set my camera near my computer 
and observe as all of my photos are magically uploaded.  Heavenly.

8.  Line #2 is what happens when poor McKenna turns away from her homework 
for one minute.
{why can't her mother grow up already?}

9.  A turkey bath.  This year I took my turkey-roasting seriously.

10,11.  A Thanksgiving Day traditional movie.  Life of Pi.  In 3D.
Not what we expected, but 0 out of 5 of us read the book.  
A lot of deep thought required for a PG movie.  
{oh and raw animal eating}

12, 13, 14.  The Black Friday decline.

Have a happy weekend, All!  
The hustle and bustle of the holidays has officially started!

life rearranged

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