Friday, November 30, 2012

photo friday: life captured by phone.

1.  After a gorgeously sunny Thanksgiving and an even more spectacular Black Friday, we woke up saturday morning to our very first Pittsburgh snow!  It was a sight for sore eyes, let me tell you.  As wonderful as the constant state-of-sunshine-bliss has been, this family dreams of a White Christmas.  It was just the right amount to satisfy our pining.

2.  Embarrassing moment of the day.  That's an empty basket I'm carrying back into the store, after walking out with it in one arm {while carrying my shopping bag on my other arm} and loading it into my car.  And I had a small audience.  And so there's nothing to do amidst an awkward situation, but pull out one's phone to snap a photo, don't you think?

3.  It's hard to tell, but it was snowing outside the window, while I was inside decorating the tree.  It was pretty much perfect.
4.  Sometimes it's hard to believe we live in our house.  It's still like a dream.  And sometimes I take pictures of my three Christmas trees because I simply can't believe we have room for three Christmas trees.  This concept of spaciousness is so foreign to me and I hope I never take it for granted.  I hope I always maintain this level of appreciation.
5.  These ornaments were a gift from a fellow teacher I worked with in Spokane.  She nailed it, didn't she?  I miss working in her classroom.  The staff had such a great connection with each other and with the children.  I hope I find that again when I return to the workforce.  Lately I find myself thinking about all the people I connected with in Spokane and I am taking the time to e-mail or text them, to let them know I'm thinking of them.  I wish I was better at keeping in touch with people and it's something I really want to work on.  
6.  Meh.  Love.

7.  Husband tackled one side of the house {with the taller trees}, while I labored over the shorter-bushed side of the house.  
8.  He has a system for getting the lights way up high whilst maintaining a perfect spiral.  I think it's called patience.  My lighting system is more sporadic and patchy.  I think it's called freezing my butt off out here.
9.  Husband had a cute, little helper.
10.  Cute, little helper had a flashlight.

11, 12, 13, 14.  The house all aglow.  In fact, this whole post is rather all aglow with twinkle and lights and shininess.  You are most certainly welcome.  :)

15.  Before tree skirt making.
16.  After tree skirt making.  I love when I set out to make something and it actually turns out similar to what I had planned.  It's called luck.

17.  This fireplace is going to get me through the winter.  It's pure awesome magic.
18.  Merry Christmas wreath.
19.  Mom sent the annual package filled with the chocolate advent calendars!

20.  Jackson running.  He is the number 20.  And he's twentieth on this list.  Neato.
21.  Jackson standing like Superman.  That red-shirt-coach-guy kept photobombing my pictures with his stress and harsh coaching skills.
22.  My boots.  The game just isn't as exciting when my kid's on the bench.

23 & 24.  I dare you to find a single leaf in those photos {if you do, don't tell me}.  I am so unashamedly proud of my work outside today.  I raked, leaf-blew and handpicked leaves out of the bark dust and bushes.  Then I mowed the lawn in beautiful uneven lines, to capture any leaf that tried to escape.  Sure, what took me 3.5 hours to do could have been done in 30 minutes by some professional lawn care company, but would I feel the same amount of gratification?  And what would I have to brag about?
25.  A beautiful, orange sunset.
26.  Is it too early to turn the lights on?  Nah.

27.  I was astonished at how much water a Christmas tree goes through in a day.  Until I found out Miss Kiki-Poopoo has been the culprit, lapping up the water right after I fill it.  I tried to catch her in the act, but this perp is quick!

I actually felt like I hadn't taken a lot of photos this week.
But now I'm feeling like I just typed up a novel.

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  1. Love all your christmas pictures... It just makes me more excited for christmas!

  2. Love all your pics! Found your blog through life rearranged I live in coeur d'alene so close to Spokane:)

    1. Please say hello to Spokane for me, if you're ever passing through! I think I'm going to miss summers at the lake the most. :)

  3. Your home looks beautiful--great job! I love your attitude of "I hope I am always appreciative of this space (etc)--we all need more of that! I am also loving the snow that is drifting across your page...I am not a blogger just an avid blog reader so I have no idea how you do that but I just love it :) Thanks for making me smile...

  4. Love the tree skirt that you made. It's super cute! And I totally have weeks where I think I haven't taken many photos, then I look on my phone and find a bunch!


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