Sunday, November 25, 2012

the great tree hunt.


Last time we went to pick out a real-live Christmas tree, our almost-11-year-old McKenna wasn't even born yet.  We had found the perfect skinny-fake for our cozy Spokane living room, so there really wasn't a reason to venture out into nature with a handsaw or anything.  The new roomier Pittsburgh digs, however, have had us all excited at the prospect of real-fresh-pine-scented-greenery.  So, off we ventured into the great {freezing} outdoors, to see what we could see.  

And after a "hike" through the u-cut selection at the farm, it became quite apparent that, although getting down on the ground to saw a tree is all kinds of major fun, it would be much more fun {and definitely easier} to pick from the selection of beautiful already-cut trees.  We is smart, isn't we? 

And what Christmas tree experience would be complete without tractor photos?  From the expression on my face, this was like really super important to me.  Like super duper important.  And Husband had no fun at all.

It was a super fun day - two trees and plenty o' photos to choose from for the family Christmas card!
Check and check!

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  1. So fun! We cut down our tree yesterday as well. It was chilly! You did get some great pics. Lucky girl!


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