Tuesday, November 6, 2012

what i've been wearing.

W'as up in Loft stripes, Costco vest, Nordstrom jeans, Anthropologie boots {so last year}


 Enjoying the sunshine in Anthropologie sweater, J Crew button-up, Nordstrom denim, AEO boots


 Frrrreezing in J Crew sweater & button-up, Old Navy skinnies, Born boots


Voting for the prez in Anthropologie dress, Ann Taylor cardigan, J Crew necklace, Born boots

Today was a fabulous day to vote - super sunny and gorgeous!  The line at the voting booth started to get long right after I was already at the head of it!  I win!  And after such a wild ride with all of the debates and nonpositive commercials and figuring out who I am in this world and who I should vote for, it feels gosh darn good to be checking that voting part off my to-do list!  Good riddance!  Facebook will finally be peaceful once again.  Phew.  Now, I hope I'm not speaking ahead of myself because it appears to be a close race and sometimes we can be not so good at ballot-counting.  But wouldn't it be nice to just talk about the weather and such.  Or Downton Abbey?  I can always talk about that.

I blog a few of my outfits each week as a way to keep me motivated and out of my sweats.  You probably won't see me in heels much, as although I enjoy looking shnazzy, I am completely practical and selfishly adamant about comfort.  I dress for my life, which is taking care of my family and our home.  And it never fails, the one day I do stay in my pajamas, someone always comes to the door.  I'm trying  my best to stop that embarrassing trend.  Every Wednesday and Friday, I link to the blogs below....

pleated poppy
Purple Kale

Boots | Everybody, Everywear


  1. Wow, you are Crewed out lady! and Anthroed! Love all your outfits. And seeing you wear that floral oxford under your heart sweater makes me kick myself for getting rid of my floral shirt! argh. You left 2 comments on my blog- but they didn't come through disqus?? They came through blogger? I couldn't approve them- can't figure it out. I just wondered if you posted under disqus??

  2. LOOVE the boots with the Old Navy skinnys such an adorable combo!

    plus all your other outfits are rockin as well!

  3. I LOVE your outfits. You look adorable every single day.

    The first pair of boots are fabulous and the heart sweater is SO cute.

    Great outfit week!

  4. where did you get your aeo boots...i love them!!

    1. I got them online at American Eagle Outfitter! Here's the link!


  5. You look so comfy/cozy in all these pictures. Your sweaters look so perfect!

    Stopping by from the link up! Happy Wednesday!

    Understated Classics

  6. You have the best sweaters I swear! Love the polka dots and the heart one!

  7. You and I are definitely style buddies! Love all these outfits, especially the sweaters...and the boots! And the stripes! Amazing.

    Thanks for linking up for Mommy and Me Stylin' Monday! :-)

  8. Stopping in from the Mommy and me link up.
    Glad to have be following along, those first boots are like woah! Super cute. Don't be a stranger :)


  9. You my dear, have my dream wardrobe! Those first boots from Anthro make my heart swoon...

    Sooooooo glad you linked up today!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope that you link up next week (I really really do!)to our Mommy & Me Stylin' Monday's link-up!

  10. Okay, those boots in the top photo are AMAZING! If they weren't from last year, I would head out to Anthro right now and buy them and ruin my budget for the rest of the year :)

  11. I officially adore your style. New follower!



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