Tuesday, November 27, 2012

what i've been wearing.

 Being completely serious in a LOFT top, J Crew Factory necklace, LOFT trousers & Franco Sarto boots


 Christmas tree hunting in Ruche top, Anthro scarf & hat, Nordstrom denim & Born boots


 Decking the halls in Nordstrom sequin top, Aerie fur, Target polkadots, American Eagle Outfitter shoes


 Stringing Christmas lights outside in LOFT sweater, Nordstrom scarf & denim, Anthro boots


Pretending it's warm enough not to wear socks in LOFT blouse, Target pants & American Eagle booties

I take my outfit poses very seriously, obviously.  
Everything I do, I do it for you.

And if you feel like my house is starting to resemble a small tree farm, it's probably because it is.
Don't worry, three trees is the limit.  Excess much?

Next very important subject:
Starting December One, I am inviting anyone and everyone to link up here at Across & Down.  I want to do a Count-Up to Christmas!  This is so simple, really - no outfits, no recipes, no DIY's, etc.  All I would like is for you {or you} to link up your first 25 blog posts - one per day.  For example, on December 1st you link your first blog post ever, on December 2nd you link your 2nd post ever, and so on, until we get to the 25th.  Easy right?  My idea behind this is simply to get to know the community of bloggers around me and what a better place to start, then at the beginning!  Besides, when we first started our blogging journey, barely anybody knew we existed and they probably missed out on those first posts.  Perhaps we wrote something really awesome, but it's just sitting there in cyberspace, getting ignored.  Let's dust off the past and share it again, shall we???  No rules, you don't have to be a follower, nothing!  You are invited just as you are!  I'll be posting reminders, but for now...

December One = Very first blog post ever!


If you're new here {first of all, welcome!}, I take the time to document what I'm wearing each week to keep me motivated - and so far it's working!  I dress for real life, so nothing extravagant or flashy {although I love me some sequins and faux fur} and comfort is a must.  I cook, I clean, I run errands, I drive the kids around, I cheer them on at basketball games, so that is definitely reflected in what I choose to wear.  Modest - professional - hands-on - not afraid to get dirty - that's my style in a nutshell.  I link up to the blogs below 1) because it's fun, and 2) because I need help with the motivation.  You should join in!

pleated poppy
Purple Kale


  1. I love your outfits...you have such awesome style!! Love the blog!!

  2. I LOVE your Anthro boots!!! They're amazing!

  3. Your legs look amazing in that top outfit - I'm seriously so jealous.

  4. I love the way you tied your scarf. So cute!!

  5. Ok, I love your outfits and your photos. My favorite outfit is the one with the knit scarf you tied in a bow - super fun!

    I have to say, your house is beautiful. Lovely Christmas decorations.


  6. Your pictures are darling, especially because it looks like you are having a lot of fun! I think your Count-Up to Christmas link-up sounds like a great idea. I'll definitely be stopping by!

  7. I love your outfit poses AND your polka dot jeans! And I'll be planning on linking up all month, too! Great Idea!

  8. Amazing outfits! I'm following from the outfit post on Purple Kale! I love those polka dot jeans!

  9. AHHH! As always, I adore your style! Thanks so much for coming and linking up!!

  10. LOVE your Loft tops! I never thing to look at Loft, but you have me inspired :)


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