Wednesday, December 19, 2012

a spokane reunion and 19th post ever link-up.

Elyssa's friend flew in from Spokane late tonight!  She is spending the holidays with us {it's so nice of her parents to let us borrow her for Christmas}!  It was a little bit weird and a whole lot cool, picking her up from the airport.  It kind of felt like home.  And to see two friends embrace with giant smiles and happy eyes, priceless.

We are almost done with this count up to Christmas!!! Thank you for sticking it out.  It's crazy how fast time has gone by.  Before I know it the kids will be running into my bedroom at some unGodly hour of the morn, to beg and plead their way into the living room to open presents.  Yippee!!

May I please have your 19th post ever???

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