Thursday, December 6, 2012

bleachers, a 4-month update, and a 6th post ever link-up. oh my.

Pardon our giant faces, but this is a look at our lives these days.  Court-side, on the bleachers, one of us quietly onlooking and the other of us a tad more loud and feisty.  I'll let you guess who's who.  But I will say this, watching my own kids play basketball is way more intense then anything the NBA could throw my way.  It's awesome!  And the pride I have for my kids - infinite.

We have officially been living in Pittsburgh for four whole months!  With each month that goes by, it keeps getting better and better.  With all of the basketball games and practices I am taking my kids to, I am learning my way around more and more each day and not feeling so lost anymore.  The loneliness I felt when we first moved is gone and I just feel happy and at home.  The kids are settled into friendships and are doing great in school.  Our house is starting to get visitors, either from neighbors dropping by or the kids' friends coming over.  It's beginning to feel like we aren't so new anymore.  I have also been feeling more confident in taking some steps for myself, steps that I have been reluctant to take for somewhat selfish reasons {plus a little out of fear}.  When we moved, I was in the middle of earning my BA in Early Childhood Education and I had to stop.  It was not easy to stop, I was in-it-to-win-it, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your family and so I decided I would transfer to another college and continue on my educational journey, once the children were settled in our new city.  The kids have been settled for a while now, but I was feeling lost and unsure and the thought of applying to other colleges just plain annoyed me.  I had lost sight of myself, in trying to make sure everyone else was taken care of.  Isn't that what moms do so very easily?  Well, I have got my butt into gear and am out there applying and taking entrance exams and having transcripts sent and all that good stuff.  I'm fearless, I tell you.  Well, perhaps not fearless, but I'm pushing all those discouraging thoughts away and marching forward full-speed-ahead.  It's a good thing.

So, that's where we are.  Four months ago we lived on the other side of the country and had no idea what we were in for, yet look at us now.  Survivors.  Thrivers.

'Nuff said.  Let's move on...

My 6th post on this here blog is a quick, little peek into my morning, while the bathroom was getting a mini-remodel.  If you want to see the before and after picks of that remodel you can click here {I think I remember someone asking me if I had photos}.  So yes, go have a look-see!  And please keep up the good work of linking up with me!!!  I love each one of your stories and look forward to reading them each day.  It's so hard not to read ahead!  Thank you so much for sharing and helping me count up to Christmas in a super fun way!

What's your 6th ever post about???


  1. Hey! I saw your comment on my list of to-do things the other day (the 5th post ever) I did end up finishing most of them. I never knew you had a 17 year old kid until yesterday--looking at your pictures I thought you were 27 years old ish!! You are probably a bit older to have a 17 year old (but maybe not) You look so young! Tell us your secrets! I hope you are having fun with teenagers. I'm about to start a family sometime in the next two years, so...any pointers? :D Have a great day!

    1. 27? Thank you! That's like the hugest compliment ever! :) Alas no, I am 38 - nearing ever closer to 39. If I do look young, I might have to give credit to my parents and their good genes. Oh, and I act pretty young, so that also might make me appear younger.
      As for starting a family, it's truly the best thing I've ever done and accomplished. I can't imagine my life without these young people {even if they do drive me crazy sometimes}. Just know that when the kids are young, you are going to be tired - so sleep when you can. I feel like maybe I was sleepwalking half the time during the younger years. But you do eventually get your sleep back. :)

  2. I have loved following your journey from your last blog to this one and the move to PA. It sounds like y'all are doing great there (and I'm glad your hubby is okay with the car accident - that is always scary).


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