Sunday, December 2, 2012

gingerbread houses and second post ever link-up.

December Uno.  According to our advent calendar, which I created in the form of an-activity-per-day, it was necessary to begin our holiday month with gingerbread house decoration.  Gotta start a Christmas countdown with a bang, right?  My kids are getting older by the minute and soon activities like this one won't be as popular as when they were younger, but today they were still happy to participate.  I have always enjoyed how their little personalities shine through in their work.  These two kids are goofballs {I have no idea who they get that from}.  McKenna {almost 11} is the independent one who wants to do everything on her own - by herself - "let me do it, Mom".  She tried everything not to let me help, but finally had to concede and ask me to hold up the newly iced roof until it set.  She did let me have a little lick of her frosting though, because she's kind of a sweetheart.  :)  Little comedian Jackson {13} started off his gingerbread house with all the seriousness of a future engineer, but two minutes later {with a mischievous grin} asked, "Mom, can I just do it like a two-year-old would?"  There was a lot of licking and sampling, a lot of laughing, and of course there was a little bit of leg and head biting.  It was good mom+kids time.

Boy, looking at those photos makes me hungry!


To continue the subject of Christmas countdown, it's Day Two of the Count-up to Christmas Link-Up!

I completely enjoyed reading your first posts, so thank you for linking up yesterday!  
It was a joy to get to know some new faces, as well as learn a bit more about the friends I have been stalking following for some time.  We all began our blog journeys for different reasons, but I think we are all brave for putting ourselves out their in the world and sharing our stories.  I started Across and Down to give my faraway family & friends a peek into our lives, but I have gained so much more in the process.  

So, let's move on to Day Two - Our Second Blog Post Ever!
You know you totally want to.
Link-up below!

Wondering what I'm talking about?  Click here.  And join in, why don't you???


  1. The gingerbread house are adorable! I will take a Christmas Tree...please!

  2. I love your gingerbread houses and can't wait to peruse the #2 posts!


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