Tuesday, December 11, 2012

mckenna's first christmas, circa 2003

Christmas 2003:  We took a year off from condo life to pay my uncle cheap rent to live in his old, empty, childhood farmhouse.  It was old and rickety and uneven {a little drafty in the winter}, but boy-oh-boy did we make some good-good memories in that tattered, old, beautiful house.

The cow who escaped the fence to eat apples in our yard
Learning to shoot bb guns at tin cans
Our little pug-dog running out to pasture to swing on the cow's tail
Doing laundry on the back porch
Jackson flushing a yogurt cup down the only toilet
A bucket-for-a-potty on the back porch after the yogurt cup incident
The friendly owl
The rumble of a trains from across the river
40+ consecutive days of rain
Waking up because I heard Elyssa call "Mom!" I'll stop right there on that one
A pregnant me falling down the stairs
A family of 4 that grew into 5

Good times.  Especially at Christmas.

Goodbye, Husband!  Have a good trip to Philly-Land!  We love you!!


  1. Oh no, you fell down the stairs? OUCH! And how did the toilet turn out? That sounds, um, rather bad for the plumbing. What cute pictures. I remember 2003. I CANNOT believe that it was NINE years ago. Time flies...

  2. All of the kids look exactly the same :) It's too cute!


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