Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry christmas.

As a wonderful surprise for the kids... my parents, my brother, and his girlfriend all flew into town {from Oregon} on Christmas Eve!  So, the four of them + Elyssa's bff + the five of us = 10 whole people under one roof!  Never before have we been able to accommodate so many guests all at once {unless we're talking squeezing in a basement full of teenagers for birthday parties}, and this house has really come in handy in that aspect.  We feel so very blessed.  All of those things I have ever dreamt of being able to do, if only we'd had the room in our little home, I am getting to make a reality for our first Pittsburgh Christmas.  I wholly appreciate all of the space we have in our new home.  Today, I  enjoyed making use of our hardly-ever-used-dining room, using the leaf to extend the table into super-long-size, and setting places for ten people.  I have always always always wanted to provide a comfortable sit-down dinner, with candles and everything, and today I did it TWICE!  First, we had a breakfast of French Toast Casserole, eggs, browns, bacon and sausage.  And then for Christmas dinner - steaks w/ bleu cheese cream sauce, mashers, corn, and rhode's rolls.  Delicious!  

Of all the wonderful things about being seated around the table with my loved ones though, I'd have to say the conversations were the most special part of all.  For breakfast, my dad sent a small box around the table and asked each of us to try to guess what was inside {it felt like nothing}, but after we guessed he opened it up and revealed two ornaments - an owl and a squirrel/raccoon/#thejuryisstilloutonthatone.    He asked us to go around the table again, only this time we took turns building onto a story about the two critters.  Awkward, yes.  But totally hilarious and fun.  The story has to be funny when the main character is an owl named Rosa who has carpal tunnel syndrome.  I mean, where can one go from there?  

At dinner, we took turns asking questions from a set of "conversation starter" cards we were given for Christmas.  Some of the questions we answered were "what is the hardest thing you've ever done?" and  "would you rather fly a plane, drive a race car, or rock climb?" and what wild animal would you tame and why?"  It was cool learning new things about these people who are related to me, even my own children.  

It has been a whirlwind, since getting back from New York and then preparing for company, all while fighting a cold.  I'm going to be honest, at times I was stressed to the max {the presents, the groceries, the cleaning, the cooking, etc.}.  I tend to do that to myself though, in attempt to make things perfect.  But, as my son used to say when he was two {in regard to Spiderman, none-the-less}, the best he can do, is the best he can do.  And that's all I can offer is my best.  My family doesn't expect me to be perfect.  They flew all the way across the country to see us.  They don't care that the laundry is done or the beds are made or that dinner is edible {well they might care a little about that}.  In fact, my mom would probably do my laundry if I let her.  :)  Christmas is gone just as quickly as it arrives and so we've got to enjoy it while we can and enjoy the company while we can.  I am so happy that out of all the people in the whole wide world, they chose to spend this holiday with us.

I hope your Christmas was spent with good company too!  Happy Holidays!

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