Saturday, December 8, 2012

our week in snapshots.

1 & 2.  Our Christmas cards have been mailed out!  I am so happy with how they turned out, after getting some great photos on our Christmas tree hunt.  We usually order our photo cards through Costco because it's such a good deal, but this year Costco partnered up with Tiny Prints, offering a discount for Costco members.  It was a little more expensive, but WOW!  I love them.  Just look at those polka dots on the back!

3.  I am in the very beginning stage of wrapping presents - one gift for each of us under the tree!  It's just enough to get the kids excited and wondering what could be inside of their little package.

4.  I added some red ornaments to the glass vase already full of faux pears.  It looks a little more festive, don't cha think?

5, 6, 7.  I sewed another quick polka dot garland for the kitchen. That room was missing a little something-something and I had leftover felt from when I made the red tree skirts, so now it looks a little more Christmassy.

8 & 9.  A couple more little photos from the kitchen, just trying to bring in some more red.

10.  McKenna made a pretty, little mat for under the candle.  She's been using my sewing machine quite a bit lately, which is fantastic!  It's such a great skill to have.

11.  We sure have been enjoying our advent calendar full of activities!  We are down one whole week until Christmas!  Can you even believe it?  Seven empty pockets!  So far, we've had a candlelight dinner, donated gifts to an organization, made snowflakes, decorated gingerbread houses, mailed our Christmas cards, and watched the movie Elf.  It's been a fun way to count down!

12 thru the rest.  This was our Elf movie & popcorn night.  Oh and candy night too apparently.  Sometimes I think we need enough candy to feed an entire theater.

And now is a good time to Count Up to Christmas!

Today I'm asking you to link-up your 8th post ever!  My post is a peek at Husband's first trip to the Northeast in his new position.  Although the kids and I were used to him business-traveling on a regular basis, this time felt a little different.  First of all, he would be gone for longer than we were used to and secondly, his leaving signaled the beginning of our big move.  It really made it a reality.  So, you can read that here, if you like.  And I look forward to reading yours!

If you are new here, we are counting up to Christmas, by linking up our first 25 posts ever.  We started on December First with post number one and we will end with our 25th post on the 25th!  Feel free to jump in and join the fun!  There's no rules, just link up and let us get to know you better!

Every Sunday, I link up my weekly snapshots with the lovely Emily at the Beetle Shack!


  1. Good Morning Misty, I am sorry I have not been joining in the fun for the past couple of days, as sadly, a close family member pass away this week and it has been terribly hard. My daughter arrived from India to attend the funeral, so life has been very hectic. I am hoping to carry on posting after today. Sometimes life just has to come first! You look like you have had a fun packed week with your family. Best Wishes Daphne

  2. I just wanted you to know what an inspiration you are to make the best home for your family. It's wonderful to see moms who put all their heart into their home. Family is the most important thing to me and I love all the great ideas you give us! God bless you and your family!

  3. I'm doing a similar type of activity-based advent calendar with Angel and I--it's so fun! And your kitchen is gorgeous! With the garland especially, I love the red, yellow and white combo!

  4. LOIVE the garland in the kitchen. That is so cute and festive!

  5. Wow, your place looks amazing for Christmas. I especially love your Christmas cards. Merry Christmas to your lovely family. x

  6. hey hey, thanks so much for linking in, thats lovely of you!

    Christmas looks magical for you :)

    xo em


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