Sunday, December 16, 2012


Loads of twinkly, red & green photos this week, topped with sprinkles!  Christmas-around-the-house is just the best and it's hard to think that I'll ever want to take all of this decoration down.  But, as with every year, I'll reach a point where it all must go and I'll enjoy the less-cluttered version of home once again.  But for now - I just simply love it!

My heart is still heavy.  Fear is still trying to convince me to stay tucked away inside.  But joy is a persistent little bugger and it's finding it's way to shine on the little things this week...

1.  Our advent calendar is down to the last two rows, which makes me both eager and anxious at the same time!  So much to do and so little time!  Wasn't it just yesterday we were at that first pocket?

2.  More snowflakes in the dining room {or the ping pong room if I'm being truthful}.  I've actually grown to like that our formal dining room is now a place of constant ping-pong-ery sounds and laughter. Of course, the sounds of sibling quarrels can also be heard, but after 13 years or so of listening to those knit-picky little arguments, I'm pretty darn good at blocking them out.  Or telling them to shut it. :)

3.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love airplanes?  Well, I do.

4.  Once upon a time my kids were small.

5.  Me in my morning attire, fresh out of bed.

6.  I added scented pinecones to our fireplace garland.  Oh what a good idea that was!  

7.  Christmas cards have started making their way to our new digs!  Come on people!  Send us a card!  I'd like to fill up that entire mirror!

8.  These pencils seem festive, don't they?  Too bad nobody uses them.  It turns out that writing with rough twigs is not the most ideal thing in the world.  Weird.  

9.  Cookie-making last night was awesome.  That cookie was gone two seconds after I took the picture.  It was just as marvelously oozy-gooey delicious as it looks {or looked.  it's dead now}.

You are cordially invited to link up your 16th post ever!  Right here, right now!  I'm linking mine up, so you may as well too!  Don't you want to look back into your past and see what you were talking about?  I was talking about tacos and blueberry muffins in my 16th post.  No, seriously.  Hey, we all had to start somewhere!

What does your 16th post say about you???


  1. lady, your photography is something else. SO beautiful :)

    thanks so much for linking up, i'm thrilled!

    xo em

  2. Your kids are so CUTE! They are still small. Soon they will be heading off to mom is like "I miss you come live at at home" and I'm like "I'm married" and she's like: THATS WEIRD! lol :)


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