Monday, December 10, 2012

the holiday tree at pittsburgh's ppg place + 10th post link-up.

I had no idea what to expect when the girls and I ventured downtown to Pittsburgh's PPG Place, which is where Pittsburghers house the city's Christmas tree, smack dab in the middle of an iceskating rink.  I honestly was just hoping to successfully find my way there and a place to park the car in a non-ridiculous amount of time {downtown driving makes me nervous}.  Well, check and check!  I far-exceeded my own expectations!  And oh what a holiday sight!  Sure, the tree & rink were a little smaller than what I had pictured for a large downtown area, but it was festive and fun and I enjoyed the time with my girls immensely.  We sort of just wandered our way around and happened upon things quite unexpectedly, which was kind of a nice, simple approach.  Taking photos of our reflections in the building's reflective glass led us to spying holiday festivities inside the building where there was a huge display of gingerbread houses, miniature trains working their way around another giant Christmas tree, and life-size santa sculptures representing Mr. Kringle from countries all around the world.  From there, an urgent search for a restroom led us to McDonalds where we bought lunch for a homeless woman, which was probably the most meaningful leg of our journey.  From there, we made a small donation toward the Food Bank and in return received one free photo at Santa's House.  So, of course, that led us to visiting Santa {right across the street in a courtyard} and sitting on his lap for a picture.  And then before heading home, we stood in line at Starbucks for hot cocoa and cakes because I haven't had a Starbucks hot cocoa in who knows how long {Pittsburgh has yet to jump on the "coffee on every street corner" bandwagon that we Northwesterners are so very familiar with}.  It was just as delightful as I remember.  What a marvelous day for lifting our holiday spirits.  Plus singing along to Christmas music on the drive home... quite merry to be sure.

So now...onward to the Count-Up, shall we?  Are we at our tenth post already???  Why, yes we are indeed.  How time flies!    If today's the tenth, then that means there's two more weeks to get all of our holiday shopping done.  Egad!  But for now, let's not focus on all there is to do in such a short amount of time, rather let's go back in time and revisit our 10th post ever.  My tenth is the product of a late, lonely, tired night - quite rambling and very random.  Be warned.

Let's see your tenth post, which I am absolutely sure beats mine in entertainment value and worth!

Number 10!!!!  Let's have it...


  1. I love how much fun it looks like your family is having! :)

  2. You look like you could be big sister to your girls, not mama! Great pics!

    1. Well, that's just about the most awesome comment I've ever gotten. :)


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