Monday, December 24, 2012

twenty-fourth + twas the night before christmas.

Every Christmas Eve, we draw names and head to the mall to shop for a small family gift exchange present.  This year we decided to continue the fun tradition, only we did it a little early because it somehow sounded super cool to be doing it in NYC.  The rules are simple, under twenty bucks and wrapped in whatever you can find.  We shop, we wrap, we open!  It helps get us all warmed up and ready for present-opening on Christmas morning {which my kids tell me is happening by 6am this year}!  Lord help me.



Fun was had by all!!!  Are you ready for Christmas?  Do you have any special plans this year?

And now it's on to my 24th post ever!  Husband mounted his phone to his dashboard to record what it's like driving around in Pittsburgh.  What were talking about on your 24th post?  Link up and share!

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  1. wow, that sounds like a awesome awesome tradition!!! I'm going to remember that one when I have kids/visitors one day (tee hee)


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