Thursday, December 20, 2012

twenty + last christmas.

In keeping with the spirit of posting our family photos of Christmas' past, I bring you last year's present-opening at Grandma and Papa's!  You will see that it looks like nighttime in the photos, but it was actually the wee hours of the torturous 5am morning {I actually still consider that nighttime though, but my kids would argue that crazy notion}.  What you won't see are any signs of Grandma and Papa.  Those two are smart enough not to give into the insane whims of their grandchildren.  Wellllllll, that isn't exactly true.  They actually LOVE to do anything to support their grandchildren.  I think they were really just trying to give us some "way too early in the morning family time."  *wink, wink.  We were able to wake them up a little later, intruding their bedroom while playing Bing Crosby's White Christmas.  The whole thing is on video if I can convince all involved parties to let me show it.  :)

My twentieth post promises to be an entertainer, complete with Husband's hotel underpant-laundering.  Oh what fun!  It also takes place in NYC, which is where we are heading this afternoon to get our Christmas freak on for the next few days.  I am so excited!  Macy's Santa, the Rockettes, some kind of circus show, Ground Zero, Times Square, the Empire State Building.... fa-la-la-la-la la-la la-la!!!!!

Gimme your twenty!

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  1. Good Morning Misty, You all seem to have had a fabulous time at your parent's home last Christmas. Everyone was full of fun and enjoying their Christmas gifts.... and your parents were so kind and thoughtful to allow you that time with your children. Have a wonderful day. Best Wishes Daphne


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