Sunday, December 23, 2012

twenty-three + santa visiting at manhattan's macy's.

We turned to the wonderful users of the internet, to figure out the best times to visit Santa in such a popular place and it's a good thing we did, because it turns out those people actually know what they're talking about.  Of the least crowded options {at opening on weekdays or at closing on weekdays} we chose to go at around 10am on a friday morning and we got right in, no problem.  Of all the Santa's we've ever visited, this one had it going on, with much to look at and entertain the kids while waiting.  The elves were dressed spectacularly and never missed wishing every passerby a "Merry Christmas!'  They also offered encouraging words like, "Santa's just around the corner!"  As for Santa himself, there are multiples, but you only actually see one because of the way it is set up.  We went into a little room to visit our Santa and have our photo taken.  They took two photos and we got to pick our favorite to purchase, which was super funny actually because my kids thought I looked funny in the first picture.  Well, I did look funny.  I even thought so.  We stood there looking at it, trying to figure out why I looked so weird and then my lovely eldest said, "Do you think it could be because of your eyebrows?  They look a little closer together today."  She'll probably say she said something totally different but it was along those lines and it was hilarious.  Darn the 90's brow-plucking trend.  My kids will also tell you that they thought I looked weird in both of the photos, but definitely not as weird in the 2nd one.

Anyway, we went back into the 34th street Macy's on Saturday and with three days left until Christmas, that place was pure heck, let me tell you.  I have never seen a place so crowded and while others may find that all fun and stuff, I felt like I was going to throw my whole body onto the ground kicking and screaming {I totally get why toddlers do that now}.  So, probably if you're going to visit sometime over the holidays {and you prefer a little shoulder room when shopping}, don't try to shop Macy's on the weekend before Christmas.  Go see it, of course!  It's wild!  But if you try to buy something, well, you've been warned.  :)

Only just a couple blasts-from-the-pasts left!  It's been fun getting to know you!!!  Please, if you're so inclined, link up your 23rd post ever!  My 23rd post is Husband's very first look at Pittsburgh.  That's crazy to think he saw this place for the first time less than a year ago, and now we actually live here and are all settled.  Weird.

Let's see yours!  I'll be on a train for 9 hours tomorrow, heading home!  And that's when I plan to get all caught up on your posts!  Thanks so much for sharing!


  1. That really does look like the most awesome place to visit Santa! Pretty cool! I think I would be excited to be there....

  2. If you haven't already, you have GOT to listen to or read David Sedaris's Santaland Diaries. It's about the time he worked at Macy's as an elf.


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