Saturday, December 29, 2012


husband approved in Anthro sweater & wool pants and American Eagle Outfitter booties.

I just picked up these awesome pants at Anthropolgie >> on sale >> 30% off.  woot woot!  They are like wearing the most comfortable pajamas ever.  enough said.  Anyway, I'm happy to be wearing something other than jeans.  Have you noticed that's like all I wear?  And even more importantly - Husband even digs these pants {and how hard is it to please a marital spouse sometimes}.  "Best pants ever."  His words.  Ba-BAM!


In case you're wondering about me randomly showing my wearings on a blog mostly about my amazing family & loving home, well I wish I had a good reason for you.  It's quite complex, but I'll try to simplify it.  One - lots of you really like it when I do this.  Two - posting outfit photos keeps me motivated to get dressed.  Three - it's going to be oh-so-groovy to look back on this time in my life and see what the heck I was wearing.  We really shouldn't take ourselves too seriously, right?  Life is fun!

pleated poppy


  1. those pants look SO COMFY! and I love your sweater and your hair :) I'm glad we motivate you to get dressed, the later would be a very different kind of blog....

    1. Indeed it would be a very different kind of blog! I hope you are having a happy holiday!

  2. Love that sweater! I agree with you about outfit posts...they are just fun!


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  3. Rockin' outfit - I love it. And I totally agree with your last reason for wanting to post outfit pics - I think my daughter/future granddaughters will love to see what I wore "back in the day!"

  4. Those look amazingly comfortable. And no disclaimer needed - it's your blog, post whatever the heck you want to! Whether that's outfit stuff or family stuff or whatever kind of stuff you feel like. :)


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